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The Blind Tiger

Welcome to the Blind Tiger, café by day, multi award winning cocktail bar by night, The Blind Tiger is a unique bar in the heart of Sligo town where every drink served has a story and a unique concept delivering an experience each time you visit.

The Blind Tiger has been specifically designed to transform form an innocent looking café in the heart of Sligo during the day serving luxurious melted Belgian hot chocolates, speciality coffee and your favourite sweet and savoury treats to a den of Inequity by night, where Cocktails are flamed, smoked, consumed, and savoured

The Blind Tiger opened its Doors on the 15th of December 2016 with it’s very first cocktail menu to instant enthusiasm offering something incredibly unique and different. Customers visiting The Blind Tiger often ask where the concept for such a unique name as The Blind Tiger came from? To which you will hear mixologists or wait staff respond ‘let me tell you a story’ …..The Prohibition era (prohibition was the legal prevention of the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States from 1920 to 1933 under the Eighteenth Amendment) brought about the opening of speakeasies across America, Speakeasies were illegal bars that sold alcohol and were hidden away from prying eyes, speakeasies were also called The Blind Tiger. In keeping with this the Blind Tiger has been specifically designed with the first rotating bar of its kind transforming its innocent’s daytime café to a unique, cocktail bar filled with atmosphere and experience eliminating all evidence of the relaxed café moments previous.

It's a nice little pub with friendly staff. It has a good cocktail menu and the drinks are not too expensive. Once the bar closes you can go straight through to the garavogue as the 2 are connected. If you are looking to dance the blind tiger does not offer that much room but where there is a will there is a way. Definitely worth a visit.

Torben Buege - Google Reviews

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